Maple Grove

Primary School

"Learning and Growing Together"

Our Values

"Values are the centre of our school"




Maple Grove is a Values School.

It is our values that determine our thinking and behaviour. Through a values-based education, a positive culture for teaching and learning is created which is based upon valuing ourselves, each other and the environment. Our school values support the development of the whole child.


The ethos of our school is built on a foundation of 33 values which are addressed directly though lessons, assemblies and across the whole curriculum. The values are focussed around our seven core values of respect, peace, thoughtfulness, friendliness, politeness, honesty and perserverance. 


Each month we focus on a particular value. This is introduced in a whole school assembly on the first Tuesday of every month. During our values themed class assemblies on Tuesdays, we learn to understand what our value looks like. We think about how we can demonstrate them through the way we behave, in our attitudes towards each other and our learning. Our ideas are displayed in our classroom and around the school.


Parents are encouraged to discuss and develop an understanding of our monthly value at home. The value for the month is revealed to children on the first Tuesday of every month. More information can be found each month through our Head Teacher’s Hello newsletter.


Each Friday, in our special Achievement Assembly, a child from each class is awarded a certificate and sticker for demonstrating the value of the month. The class that has best demonstrated that value during the week also receives our Maple Grove Value trophy.


In each class we keep a running record of times that children are seen to demonstrate each month’s values and parents can nominate their own children for one of these values points. Please let us know how your child has demonstrated our value. They may be able to share this achievement with their class in our Tuesday value assemblies.


Sharing assemblies are also a way for the class to demonstrate and explain some of our Maple Grove Values. Parents have an open invitation to all of these, tea and coffee is supplied from 8.45 and assemblies start at 9.00. Details of the dates can be found in the calendar section on our home page.


We hope that you enjoy discussing our values with your child and supporting them in achieving them at home. Please share this with us if you do.