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 Hot lunches 

At Maple Grove, we have HCL as our catering provider. Pabulum’s vision is to ensure that all children can enjoy tasty, healthy primary school meals every day, and embrace the experience of learning about the benefits of fresh, seasonal ingredients. We have a Chef on site, who, along with her team, prepares the meals for the pupils each day. You can view the Menu for the week, including ingredients, nutrition and allergies by clicking on the following link.

The 3-week rotating menu is below. 


lunch menu autumn winter term 23 24.pdf


Guidelines for Packed Lunches

We appreciate parents' and carers' support in providing healthy packed lunches to be eaten in school.  We ask parents not to include nuts or nut products in their children’s lunchboxes as some children in the school are allergic to them; even touch or smell can make them very ill.

We recommend:

Protein and carbohydrate-based items – 1-2 per lunch box

E.g. Cheese sandwich, pasta salad with tuna, ham roll, rice salad with meat or fish, egg and salad sandwich, tortilla wrap with chicken and vegetables, bean and couscous salad, cheese and crackers.

Fruit and vegetable-based items – 1 or 2 per lunch box

E.g. Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, fruit salads, fruit in natural juice, fruit yoghurts, fromage frais, carrot sticks, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes etc.

Drinks – 1 per lunch box

Still water (this can be plain, flavoured or fruit juice but not squash).

Please support the school’s commitment to healthy eating by NOT including the following items in your child’s lunch box –crisps, confectionary, chocolate bars, sweetened drinks, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, nuts and sweets.