Maple Grove

Primary School

"Learning and Growing Together"

Year 5

We prepared soil and planted tulips and garlic.

Playing with the parachute!

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We had a Zoom call with Paul Carpenter, an expert at Life in the Rainforest - Paul described his experiences in different rainforests across the world and showed us creatures that live there. We made thank you cards, then created artwork based on Henri Rousseau's jungle scenes.

We looked at the phases of the moon and learned that a waxing moon gets bigger (the light of the moon is on the right), and a waning moon is getting smaller (the light of the moon is on the left). The children used Oreo biscuits to recreate the phases of the moon. They then had a great time eating them!

We looked at One Hundred Steps by Captain Tom Moore. Inside the book were inspirational quotes about never giving up and getting through difficult times. The children used brush lettering to write quotes, then drew pictures of a situation that the quote reminded them of. Adam said, "This lesson has taught me about perseverance and determination."

We are learning how to draw and manipulate simple 3D shapes using Google SketchUp. The children created houses during their first lesson.

The children created these pictures in the style of Kandinsky.

We made exploding books to show our knowledge of the Solar System.

Adam and Joshua led a class assembly about manners. They did a fabulous job!

We created concentric circles in the style of Kandinsky.

We played dodge ball!

Year 5 were acting out scenes from The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman.

A selection of work completed so far this year. More to follow!