Maple Grove

Primary School

"Learning and Growing Together"

Home/School transfer of items

  • Very few items should pass between home and school.  These include:
  • Lunchboxes (or lunch-bags) – children do not need any other bag with them
  • A named water bottle (children will need to be explicitly told and reminded not to share water bottles)
  • Hand sanitizer for child’s own use (if parents wish to send this).  This will need to be clearly named and it cannot be shared with other children.
  • Hats and sunglasses, in the event of hot weather, but sun cream should be applied at home where needed



Children wear a safe and sensible alternative to uniform.  No child will be in trouble for not wearing school uniform.  

Children will not need to have PE kit in school.  As they are changing their clothes every day this should not be necessary.  They could bring suitable alternative footwear for PE if their usual shoes are not appropriate.

For younger children, a PE bag with a different set of clothes (in case of any mishaps or accidents) would be a good idea.


Stationery and other resources

School will provide a set of stationery for each child and this will be kept in a pencil case on their desk.  They will not share stationery.  They should not bring stationery in from home.  If they have their own stationery in their trays, it will need to remain there even if they are based in their usual classroom.

 No equipment will be shared between class groups without appropriate cleaning in between and we will also minimise the use of equipment between children within the same class group.


Library and reading books

We are keen to make library books and home reading books available to children but we are currently considering how this can be done safely.