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Primary School

"Learning and Growing Together"

Wellbeing of all

Focussing on wellbeing of all

This means “mental wealth” as well as physical wellbeing. We all need to be aware that adults and children alike will be dealing with a range of issues which many of us will find challenging:

  • Anxiety over becoming ill (self and others)
  • Getting used to a different kind of “school”
  • Getting used to a set of reviewed rules and guidelines
  • Working and learning in unfamiliar ways
  • Potentially dealing with bereavement

We will be supporting children through PSHE.  Wellbeing will be at the core of our curriculum approach when we return. More than this, it is really important that we continue to keep looking out for and looking after one another.

Mental Wellbeing Support

The mental wellbeing (mental wealth) of all people in school is always central to what we do and this has never been more important.

We will be planning specific PSHE work for children to return to but all staff are aware that mental wellbeing is a key focus during every part of every school day. Where children have specific needs, we have in-school support available and we can also refer to external expertise if necessary.


We are keenly aware that many families and their networks may have been directly or indirectly affected by bereavement during this period. This could be directly Covid-19 related or otherwise (where the usual process of bereavement will have been affected by social distancing).

Where a child has been affected by bereavement we would ask parents and carers to please let us know. We can provide and signpost support where this is needed.


Follow the link below for more information about support services.