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Suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19

When adults or children are symptomatic at school

If a staff member displays symptoms in school, they will leave the site as soon as possible.

If a child displays symptoms, they will be isolated within school as quickly as possible. Parents will be contacted and must come and collect their child as a matter of utmost urgency because of the risks to others. The child will be looked after by an adult but at a safe (2 metre) distance and the adult will be required to wear PPE.

Thorough cleaning of areas a symptomatic person has been will take place before that space is used again.


Confirmed and unconfirmed cases

There is a Public Health hotline for us to contact where we have suspected cases and we would follow their advice and guidance in such an eventuality.

Until a case has been confirmed, any associated adults and children (within their group) will remain in school as normal. If a case is confirmed, self-isolation measures will be brought into place and we will communicate as quickly as possible with all parties affected.

If we are particularly concerned about a particular case (even whilst still unconfirmed) or have multiple (more than two) unconfirmed symptomatic cases within the same group in school, we will seek guidance from Public Health services and the Local Authority.


When adults or children are symptomatic outside of school. Anybody displaying symptoms must follow the government guidelines available here…

All parents must make sure they are familiar with up to date guidance. If school becomes aware that guidance is not being followed, we will be in touch.



Testing is available to all staff, children and members of their household. We can provide support with this if required. We would ask all members of the community who get tested to advise us of results when they are received.