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"Learning and Growing Together"


Welcome to Maple Grove's EYFS Provision


Welcome to Reception

We are excited to get to know you and we are looking forward to working with you during this year!  Please look on here to see what we are learning each week and any dates that are important.  To begin with . . .


PE will be on a WEDNESDAY

Children will need to come to school in their PE kits on this day.



'Let's Play' folders = issued on FRIDAY - to be returned on THURSDAY for the next set of play opportunities to be added. Homework is play based. Please share photos of the exciting learning with us.

Laminated alphabet and number formation sheets are included to be practised as often as you like.  Please keep in the folder to avoid them getting lost. 'Home readers' should also be placed in these folders, with an update to your child's online reading log via the Go read app.  



Library will be on a FRIDAY. 

Children will choose a book to bring home and share with you.  Books will be issued on a Friday and need to be returned on the following FRIDAY.


Children place these in the BLACK BOXES which will be available just outside the classroom door on the above days.


If you need to contact me, please email:


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Patel

Miss Lee

Miss Gibbs

Key Frameworks We Follow:

Please find below a copy of the new Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage which came into effect in September 2021.  Alongside this is a Parent's Guide to the supporting document - Development Matters.

Click on the images to access the two supporting documents that can be used with the Statutory Framework.






                    Mrs Patel

                     Class Teacher

                 Favourite book: Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

                 Favourite colour: Bright Pink

                 Favourite subject: Art

                 Favourite food: Pizza

                 Favourite place: By the Lakes



                                      Mrs Purdy

                            Early Years Practitioner

                  Favourite book: Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl

                  Favourite colour: Pink

                  Favourite subject: Forest Schools

                  Favourite food: Curry

                  Favourite place: Barbados


                                      Miss Lee  

                          Early Years Practitioner

                  Favourite book: Spot the Dog by Eric Hill

                  Favourite colour: Purple

                  Favourite subject: Crafts/Reading

                  Favourite food: Pasta

                  Favourite place: The New Forest



                                      Miss Gibbs

                          Early Years Practitioner

                 Favourite book: Doing the Animal Bop by Jan Omerod

                 Favourite colour: Red

                 Favourite subject: Art

                 Favourite food: Steak

                 Favourite place: Home