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Providing the best quality of education for all pupils

Providing the best quality of education we can for all pupils

Children will have had a broad and varied range of experiences during the last two months and it is important that our approach to the curriculum reflects both this and the fact that, for some time to come, we will still be working with some children in school and some children at home.

The content and experiences we plan, provide and deliver will focus on:

  • Wellbeing – social, emotional and personal learning
  • Transition
  • Core skills in English and Maths (but not with the intention of immediately attempting to backfill all content children may have missed in the last two months)
  • A range of other curriculum and wider activities

As more children return to school, there will be some changes for all in the way we operate in terms of curriculum provision.  It is important for everybody to be aware that this is about offering the best practical provision we can – there is no perfect answer.



Printed packs/online learning materials  will continue to be available for children who are based completely at home and not returning to school.

PE can play a part of the curriculum through this period but activities will have to conform to social distancing guidelines as much as possible and we will minimise the use of any shared equipment. PE kit will not be worn but alternative footwear may be brought for children to wear if appropriate.


SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

We have a duty to continue to make our best endeavours to meet the needs of children with special educational needs.  Staff will be aware of the children within their groups with SEND and the strategies that are useful in supporting them.

Where children with SEND remain at home, we can provide additional support via remote learning if needed.


Equality of opportunity

The Single Equality Plan remains in place during this period.  We are committed to the equality of opportunity for all and we need to ensure that our response to the current situation reflects this.


Behaviour Policy

The general principles of the school’s Behaviour Policy remain the same