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Phonics and Reading

 Phonics and Reading


Letters and Sounds is the key document that we use in order to develop the children’s phonic awareness and ultimately their ability to read and write.  The children experience a rich language environment with literacy opportunities available throughout the setting.


The children start in Nursery by tuning into a range of different sounds; environment, instrumental, body percussion.  Their awareness of rhythm, rhyme and alliteration is developed through language, nursery rhymes, songs, books, word play etc.  As their auditory awareness develops they may begin to hear the sounds in words and break words down into sounds orally. 


During the Reception year the children have daily discrete phonics session where they are introduced to the letters and we build up their letter/ sound recognition until they begin to decode simple words for reading and eventually begin to use these sounds to write their own words.  We use the Jolly Phonics stories, rhymes and actions to support the children in their learning of sounds.


Schemes to support Reading and Phonics


  • Letters and Sounds programme/LCP Phonics


  • Phonics Play


  • Jolly Phonics (actions and stories)


  • Big Cat Phonics (weekly recap)


  • Oxford Owl/Oxford Reading Tree