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Parents letter for those returning on 4th June 2020

We’re sending this letter to the parents or carers of every child who has informed us they will be attending school in person from the beginning of June, if the government thinks it’s safe to open then. From next week (w/b 1/6/20). Key worker children will attend as usual and school will be open for pre booked children from Pre-school, Nursery, Reception, year 1 and Year 6 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. School will be closed every Wednesday for deep cleaning except for the children of key workers. In order to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible for your children we will be opening on Thursday 4th June.

As always, the safety of all members of our school community is our top priority. We wanted to share with you the measures we’re planning on putting in place to support social distancing during drop offs and pickups.

Our new drop off protocol consists of an 8.45am to 9.00am staggered drop off and 3.00pm pick up. Parents must only use a specific entrances/ exits designated to each of the 6 bubbles (group of children learning together)  -

  • Preschool – Ramp  8.45
  • Nursery – Astro  8.50
  • Reception – Playground 8.55
  • Year 1 – Main entrance side gate on the left  8.45
  • Year 6 – Year 5 fire exit path –  9.00
  • Keyworkers – Office ramp main entrance 9.00

When you get to school, the following measures will be in place for everyone’s safety:

  • only one parent on site dropping off/picking up your child
  • parents need to make appointments to enter the school premises
  • parents need to stand on a marker at a safe distance from other parents
  • Children need to wait with their parents at all times

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Lilley or your class teacher.

Please confirm by 28/5/20 that your child will be returning to school and let us know if there are any days your child WILL NOT be attending on a regular basis.


We are looking forward to welcoming more children back to school, however we have had to make lots of changes and it is really important you discuss these with your children prior to them returning to school. Our expectations of behaviour will remain high. It is particularly important that children listen and follow instructions. As you appreciate, it is dangerous not to do so.

  • School MUST have up to date contact details
  • Parents should NOT enter the school building
  • The school will be deep cleaned on Wednesdays when it will be closed except to key worker/vulnerable pupils and Saturdays when it will be closed to all


  • Children will be taught in bubbles of no more than 10, the groups will not be allowed to mix and will have lunch and break times in their own playgrounds.


  • All areas will be thoroughly cleaned daily.


  • All classrooms have been arranged so that pupils are distanced from one another.


  • Adults will try to work in a 'safe zone' which is 2m away from pupils.
  • Pupils will be allocated a desk, a chair and their own named resources - and will not be allowed to wander.


  • School lunch will be a packed lunch only and will be eaten within the 'bubble'.
  • Please send in a named full water bottle every day
  • Only NAMED essentials should be brought to school – eg. lunch boxes water bottles, hats, sun protection, hand gel. We cannot share lotions etc at this time.


  • Children should wear clean clothing every day (Government advice). It needs to be suitable for outdoor learning and PE - as we will try whenever possible to work outside.


  • The school plans to hold sessions every day where children will be encouraged to talk about their feelings and worries.


  • If a child shows symptoms of Covid-19, they will be sent home and asked to obtain a test.


  • If a child, young person or staff member tests positive, the rest of the class or groups within the school will be sent home


  • Please do not send your child to school if they or anyone in your home is displaying Covid-19 symptoms. Whilst the virus is not presenting as particularly dangerous to children it remains so for adults.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to being able to welcome your child back to school soon.