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Medical needs

Emergency Medication and Care Plans

Any child with an epipen or inhaler will have this in the classroom in which they will work within their group. If their medication has to be stored in a fridge, this will be the nearest possible fridge available. Any care plans relating to medical conditions will also be stored within a child’s classroom base.



Forms must be completed to enable us to administer medicine. Parents must visit the school office (following all appropriate guidance) to drop off medicine and complete a form. Any medicine should be clearly named.


First Aid

We always have enough first aid trained staff on site.

Most first aid will, where possible, be dealt with by staff within classroom groups. Should more significant first aid be required, a suitably qualified first aider will come to the classroom to collect the child and take them to an appropriate area to be treated or looked after. PPE will be available for first aiders to use should they need it and this will depend on each situation as it arises. First aiders will be mindful of the need to minimise physical contact but this may be an inevitable part of care and treatment.


Children in Nursery/ Reception have to have any first aid reported to (and signed off by) their parents. We still need to follow this guidance. Parents will not be able to sign the book physically so, in each case, we will get in touch to advise you of the incident and ask for acknowledgement by email (a phone call is not enough).

We will contact parents of children of any age where we have given them first aid that involves a head injury or where we feel you would want to be aware for another reason.