Maple Grove

Primary School

"Learning and Growing Together"


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Our Vision

Children at Maple Grove will become confident, keen and autonomous mathematicians. They will have a lifelong appreciation for the value of mathematics and the impact of maths on their daily lives.

Intent Statement

At Maple Grove we intend for our children to experience the awe and wonder of mathematics. We intend our children to flourish, achieve and believe that everyone can do maths. We intend to make maths a universal language, helping our children to describe, make sense, investigate, understand and respect our ever-changing world.


At Maple Grove we teach for mastery using materials and methodology developed by Maths No Problem.
We make maths a daily, exciting and varied experience to enable children to have a range of mathematical strategies and use them use efficiently.
Teachers are equipped with the resources and subject knowledge to deliver a broad, deep, well balanced and carefully sequenced curriculum.
Children solve problems; develop ways of looking at patterns; discover efficient strategies and make mathematical links.
We celebrate mistakes as crucial learning opportunities.


Children have detailed knowledge and skills across the Maths curriculum and as a result achieve well. This skills are transferred across the curriculum, throughout their academic career and beyond.