Maple Grove

Primary School

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Late/Absence Procedures


At Maple Grove our aim is to improve behaviour and attendance for all.  We want the whole school community- Governors, staff, parents and pupils to be committed to high standards of attendance and punctuality.

Reducing absence and persistent absence is a vital and integral part of the schools work.



If a child is late you must report to the school office where the late book will be completed explaining the lateness. This process is vital to ensure all the children are accounted for at all times.



If you know your child is going to miss school through illness, medical appointments etc. you should telephone the school on every day of your child’s absence. The office does operate a ‘First Day Response’ system which entails a phone call after 9.15am to any parent that we have not received a message from. But we would appreciate a call as this does save the office valuable time in the morning.


Medicine in school

If your child is well enough to be in school but needs to take medication during the school day, arrangements must be made with the School Office and the relevant form completed.


Other absences

Pupils should not be absent from school unless they are ill or have medical or dental appointments that cannot be arranged at another time. Pupils have 14 weeks holiday each year and family holidays should be arranged during those times. Requests for absence at other times are at the discretion of the Headteacher and should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance on the "Application for Leave of Absence" form available from the school office or by clicking the link below. The maximum permitted time that the Headteacher may authorise in exceptional circumstances is ten school days within one school year.
We also work closely with the Attendance Improvement Officer (AIO) to look at any attendance issues and to work in partnership with the school and the families.


Please see the Attendance policy for full details which can be downloaded below.