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Handwashing and hygine

Handwashing and Hygiene

Handwashing remains a key tool in the fight to reduce the risk of infection. All adults and pupils on site will wash hands regularly (entry and exit to building and at regular intervals through the day) with soap and water. Signs around school will serve as a regular reminder and guide for this. We have ensured stocks of soap are high. Paper towels will available in all toilets to supplement hand driers to ensure all school users can dry their hands thoroughly.

Any child who experiences dry, chapped or uncomfortable skin from frequent washing is advised to seek medical guidance and will be supported by school if they are advised to use alternative soaps etc.

The “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” message will be a key hygiene message in school and we have plenty of tissues in school.


Hand Sanitiser

We have supplies of hand sanitiser in school to supplement handwashing practices. Children can bring their own hand sanitiser if you would like them to but we would ask you to talk to them about how this should be used sensibly. Any hand sanitiser needs to be clearly named and must not be shared between children.

Coronavirus: how to wash your hands