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"Learning and Growing Together"


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Potiuphar and Joseph

The importance of tell the truth even when it is difficult

Karl and Responsibility

A values based assembly on Responsibility and the Bible story on the Parable of the Talents

Joseph thrown in a well

Reuben doesn't stand up for Joseph when he should have done

Karl and ambition

Karl wants to be the best in his class so he can choose the games he likes... but there's more to ambition than that.

Joseph's coat and how he boasts

Tommy has a hat he boasts about and how encouraging each other is important

Do we have to see something to believe it

Can you believe in God if you can't see Him?

Rev Austin, Elvis and Resilience

Paul & Silas

How we can be different( kind) when people are unkind to us

Cornelius meets Peter

Peter discovers that God includes everyone and loves everyone

Saul meets Jesus and Ananias

Ananias is only mentioned once in the Bible and yet because he was brave his one action made a huge difference to the world.The small things we do and say ca...

Easter Eggs

Why we have eggs at Easter.

Easter and making a paper cross

Why Jesus died on the cross and why is it called Good Friday when Jesus died.

Peter's Easter Day Poem assembly

Primary school - older years poem about Peter's experience of the first Easter

'Caterpillar's Easter Journey' assembly

The Easter story for Primary Schools younger years

Karl and Love

Primary School Assembly - Value of the month 'Love'

Politeness Assembly Monday 25th January 2021

Karl and Austin being polite with a teaspoon and the Lord's Prayer
Primary School Assembly on being Polite

Boy with loaves and fishes with Andrew and Tommy

Jesus said,"Let the Children come to me"

The importance of including everyone

# Goldilocks - Story read aloud for children - Internet Safety, Digital safety, Social Media, for KS2 children

Take a Look Books! Books for use in Primary Schools. A fairytale for the digital age! What would of happened if Goldilocks had her very own mobile phone? Fin...

Tommy and the Christmas Story

Tommy is Joseph

Christmas told by Humphrey

The story of the first Christmas

Luff and Confidence assembly

Luff and being confident in who we are.

Gideon, Andrew and Tommy

School Assembly

Digiduck's Famous Friend Read by Brian Boardman

On line safety for KS1 learners.

Jesus the light of the world

Tommy looking at different lights

Walking on the water

Don't be afraid. You are being looked after.

Karl and Bert and Friendship Cake

'Luff is Patient' assembly video

Schools are wanting virtual assemblies - Here's one about my Sloth called Luff who is learning to be patient in his 'Lockdown'